Don Kennedy Roofing has certified roof repair men that are all insured and qualified to work on any kind of storm damage for your roof. Wind damage, hail damage or a roof leak. We are your roof storm damage professionals!

Some major things to look for when choosing a roofing compamy to either repair your roof or replace your roof from storm damage.

  • Insured (ask to see the certificate of insurance)
  • Bonded.
  • Workers must be employees of the company. Not sub-contractors.
  • Work in a company vehicle.
  • The company needs to be local. You may need to call on them again.
  • Proof of local corporation or branch.
  • Check with the BBB.
  • Remember that they are bottom dollar for a reason. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

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Storm Damage - Hail Damage - Tornado Damage - Wind Damage - Roof Repair

Probably by this time of year there have been several severe storms in your area. Some of these storms may have contained damaging hail.


If your roof has sustained hail damage, you are about to embark on an interesting journey. Because of numerous recent devastating storms, insurance companies are experiencing heavy payouts for losses incurred from them.


Adjusters are trying to hold the line on settlements, and rapidly rising material prices only complicate the situation. Some adjusters insist on paying a “per square” price, or a set price to cover the replacement or repair per one hundred square feet of roofing. This does not take into account that all roofs are not created equal - there are several factors that can greatly affect the price of such work.


Another tactic employed with steep-sloped roofs is to only pay for the elevation that the majority of the hail hit. Unfortunately, the manufacturer will not maintain any extended warranties on the portion of the roof that is not replaced - especially with shingles but even with metal roofing.


These and many other negotiating tactics can and will be employed by many insurance adjusters. Your professional roofing contractor can help you navigate the murky waters of storm damage negotiation.


When it comes to selecting a contractor in the aftermath of a storm, “caution” is the key word. Many “storm chasers” flock to areas of damage, and do as much work as possible before they leave for the next storm.


There will be plenty of unscrupulous fly-by-night contractors that you need to be aware of. Make sure you get a certificate of insurance and other data such as federal tax identification numbers or state tax remittance numbers. Work with your local contractor. It may be that he is booked up, but he can steer you to a reputable contractor to get the work done.